Prof. Rao’s “Punjabi University Disgraced Punjabi Language” (Video)

Punjabi language lover and Prof. Pandit Rao has criticized Punjabi University for disgracing heritage of Punjab. While in the Punjabi University Auditorium in front of scholars and poets, he criticized the University’s heads for taking in large amount of money and naming the University’s auditorium on the name of the donor. He said they should have named it after a Poet or some historical figure that has contributed to Punjab’s heritage instead of some random person who has lot of money.

He openly challenged the University in saying he’ll give unlimited amount of money to name the University after his name if only money is important to them. His remarks have raised quite a bit of issues of how the Punjabi University has not promoted the Punjabi language in it’s campuses among other things.

Pandit Rao also say it’s shocking that the Capital of Punjab, Chandigarh does not have a Punjabi school but all english medium schools. He was surprised how such a rich language is being made poor by it’s own speakers.

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