Panditrao Dharennavar, assistant professor of government college of Chandigarh staged a silent protest in front of Chaudhary Devilal University, Sirsa.


Panditrao who went all the way to Sirsa from Chandigarh, raised slogan in favor of Panjabi language which was later supported by famous Punjabi poet Hari Singh Dilbar.

The University which is not having Punjabi department is being criticized for biased behavior towards Panjabi language. Panditrao who visited the University for the third time, has been demanding to open up Panjabi department for the development of Indian languages but the administration of the University is not showing the interest.

Panditrao has also written letter to Manhor Lal Khattar, Chief Minister of Haryana but he did not get any response. Panditrao also demanded to appoint Chairmen of various literary boards of Hariyana Sahit Academy which is almost nonfunctional since six months.

Panditrao said “ Haryana is holy place but modern Haryana is witnessing many social issues due to lack of rich literature being written in local languages, Punjabi and Haryanvi, therefore Haryana government needs to open up Panjabi departments in Universities and develop the Haryana Sahit Academy by appointing Chairmen of various literary academies.

Hari Singh Dilbar, the famous Panjabi poet said in a poetic way “Never I loose faith and never I loose my breath till the Panjabi language gets its high berth”

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