” Prof Punditrao Dharenavar urge for Punjabi Bal Sahit Aacedmy and Translation Center”

Punjabi Sahit Academy, Ludhiana, today, witnessed unique protest by Prof Punditrao Dharenavar who is fighting for Punjabi Language. Pundtrao demanded Punjabi Bal Sahit Academy within Punjabi Sahit Academy or independent of it. He also demanded to open Translation center so that rich Punjabi literature can be translated into other Indian languages.


The famous writers of Punjabi language gathered in Punjabi Bhawan to cast their vote in annual election of the Academy. Punditrao approached famous writers and complained how Punjabi Academy is working without Punjabi Bal Sahit Academy and Translation center. The famous Bal Sahitkar Darshan Singh from Patiala said that Punditrao’s demand is valid and one day there will be Punjabi Bal Sahit Academy.

Panditrao said he is in touch with famous writers like Jaswant Singh Kanwal, Gyanpeeth awardee Gurdayal Singh and Dr Dalil Kumar Tiwana. Punditrao expressed his sadness by saying Karanataka Government has started Translation center and Kannada Sahit Academy then why there is no such Institution in Punjab? It is to note here that Karanataka government gives financial help to such Institutions but no such institutions exists in Punjab.

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