At village Bhuna of Fatehabad, a Principal was booked after parents found out he molested a number of school children. The parents laid a trap using a courageous girl and caught the Principal red handed.

The Principal named Raj Kumar Kawan was beaten by parents and children and paraded around town half naked.

“The principal had been sexually exploiting the girl students of his school for the past several days. He called the girls to his office alone, made vulgar and lewd comments and molested them,” said parents of the molested children.

One of the female students who was molested told her parents of what the Principal was doing and that’s when parent’s busted the Principal through recorded conversations with the girl.

The Principal had asked the girl for a favor at his office and seconds after the girl entered the office, the principal started to molest her. The parents who were nearby dragged the principal and started beating him.

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