President Trump to Honor First Amritdhari Sikh Female in Army as Officer

The President of the United States Donald J. Trump will honor the first Sikh Amritdhari Female in the United States Army at the West Point Base.

The event is being held on June 13 where President Trump will make a commencement speech for the West Point Army officers. One of the people in the graduating class is a Sikh American named Anmol Narang aged 23 whose been promoted to second lieutenant and the first Sikh Amritdhari women to ever become an officer.

The tremendous milestone is a first in the 218 year history of the United States Army. The United States military is the toughest service branch to allow exceptions to people of any religion for accommodations. Service members are prohibited to serve with turbans and unshorn hair.

Speaking to an American newspaper Anmol stated that since her family had a history of serving in the Indian Army, she was always interested in serving her country.

Read the NY Times Article: Anmol Narang

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