Prabh Ka Simran Sabh Tay Ucha ॥

Prabh Ka Simran Sabh Tay Ucha ॥
Prabh Ka Simran Udhre Mucha ॥

“All the Avtars and saints of the world have
preached that Simran (Meditation) is the basis to reach upto the
feet of Wahe Guru. Only he can be remembered with whom there is love
and intimacy or who is impressionable. God is invisible. There is
no perception ofHim. It is difficult to be impressed by the one who
is not known.
The eyes see the form and the mind is impressed by it. Ears
are impressed by the song and music. When the tongue tastes the
flavour of the food, then the mind is swayed. Mind is also
impressed when the nose gets fragrance and the skin is touched.
The mind demands that thing and form again and again by which it
is impressed. The mind is fond of that person who appears his own
and for whom he feels fondness. Then this fondness becomes
remembrance. This fondness becomes simran (meditation). The
relation is established with him, who is recollected or remembered
The relation is estranged with him who is forgotten.
Thus remembrance is to commune and forgetting is
separation. Where as Eternal Wahe Guru is invisible so He is beyond the
reach ofour organs ofperception and intellect. Therefore the mind
does not demand Him and is forgotten. The benefit of
congregation is that the knowledge ofGod is acquired, His virtues
are known, He may appear our own and sweet. Due to these
attributes of Wahe Guru, the current of meditation starts flowing
automatically in the mind:

Saadhasang mann soval jaagae ॥
In the Company ofthe Holy.
the sleeping mind awakens.

lab prabh naanak meethae iaagae.॥
Meditation ofGod Then, O, Nanak, God seems sweet.

Wahe Guru is to be understood by listening to the anecdote in the
congregation and then, to commune with Him by singing His
Glory. This is collective meditation. In Sikhism an individual
meditation is also essential. Apart from recitation of Gurbani,
repetition of Holy Name according to Gurmat, is an individual
meditation. ” Sant Maskeen Ji

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