Poverty Stricken Sikh Migrants Ask Help From Fellow Sikhs (Video)

Sikhs who migrated from Pakistan into India are in living in poverty conditions in Faridabad near Delhi, India. They are appealing worldwide Sikhs to offer them assistance and help in their living conditions. They are being allowed to stay on a private land currently with no bathroom facilities. They are eating what they can find and don’t have access to any necessities. They are looking for ways to earn money but due to being from Pakistan they are not able to find any employment. If you would like to help please call this number: 9988632019


Sikhs Humbly Ask For Help in Faridabad by dailysikhupdates

Sikhs who migrated from Pakistan due to harassment, difficult and dangerous conditions are living in poverty stricken conditions in Faridabad, India. There entire living area is constructed out of blankets and any old cloth. They don’t have access to clean water and the bathing area is wide open. There are a total of ten families leaving in this area and are surviving through daily wage labor. No Sikh group has come forward to provide assistance to them.

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