A elderly Sikh man became a victim of racist slurs by a British Postal worker. The postal worker stated, “Quick! Run! He has a bomb!” said the Royal Mail postman, to his colleague, as Mr Karnail Singh put his rucksack down, to grab his water bottle, reported UNITED SIKHS.

The niece of the man took to Twitter to question the Royal Mail on the inappropriate behavior.

“My uncle is a Sikh who wears a turban. His rucksack contained his lunch, he is not a terrorist,” Sun Kaur wrote.

Royal Mail responded with an apology letter and asked for more details of the incident.

Inputs from SBS Australia:

In his media statement, Karnail Singh mentioned that he is grateful to UNITED SIKHS who took this matter forward.

“Sikhs are continually being mistaken for terrorists. Wwe must insure matters like this are handled quickly before harm is done,” said Mr Singh.

“It is apparent from recent events that some of the Royal Mail employees have little or no knowledge of Sikhs and what they represent.

“Since the 9/11 attacks Sikhs have often been the target of racism, and xenophobia which is steadily growing.

“We will be taking this opportunity to offer guidance and if required basic training notes as part of employee training. We hope this will better equip employees with an understanding of Sikhs.

“The response from Royal Mail has been satisfying and we hope that such incidents do not occur again, for any individual no matter their background.” Sun Kaur told UNITED SIKHS.

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