After Turkey’s fighter jets shot down a Russian warplane over the border in Syria, World War 3 started to trend on Twitter and Facebook.

The chances of a World War 3 are relatively low due to the complex situation in the middle East. Vladimir Putin immediately called for an emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council while NATO officials met in their emergency meeting.

The good thing for Turkey is that it’s part of NATO which composes of over a dozen countries including the USA, France, Germany, and Great Britain. The countries signed an agreement to protect each other if they ever were attacked.

Only way a World War 3 can happen is if NATO countries declare to take military action against Russia and its allies.

According to NATO’s Treaty, if an country is attacked it constitutes attack on all of the countries.

What’s NATO’s response?

NATO has called for de-escalation of the situation and called for diplomatic meetings to calm tensions.

Almost likely, Russia will try to hurt Turkey economically and militarily by striking allied groups of Turkey in Syria. Russia knows it would have to face the might of NATO if it takes military action against Turkey.

Syrian War, Whose involved?

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