Portugese authorities have released Paramjit Singh Pamma after the country’s Minister of Justice rejected India’s plea of extradition. Paramjit Singh was arrested by Portugal police after a red alert issued by Interpol on request of India.

The worldwide Sikh community rallied round Paramjit and made efforts to stop the extradition. A number of UK MPs wrote letters to Portugal asking for the safe return of Paramjit back to the UK.

Pamma was given refugee status by the British government in September of 2000 and given a travel document until April 23, 2023.

Sikh Federation UK responded to the release of Paramjit Singh Pamma:

The Sikh Federation (UK) are delighted to announce the Paramjeet Singh Pamma has been released today by the Portugal Authorities, and will very soon be back in the UK with his family.

On behalf of Paramjeet SIngh and his family we would like to thanks all those who participated and supported in the political and legal campaign and pressure to secure Paramjeet Singh’s release and stop the illegal extradition to India. We are grateful that the Minister of Justice in Portugal has rejected the case and false claims, evidence and pressure by the India Government, despite all its efforts to defame the Sikh community and Paramjeet.

Cllr Preet Kaur Gill who has been working tirelessly on this case and supporting Pinky Kaur and the family said “I am so ecstatic that Portugal delivers justice for Paramjeet Singh and his family. The Sikh community came together and have campaigned for human rights of not only Paramjeet Singh but for refugees who also face such atrocities. Victory to the cause and those that stand up for human rights. I am elated by the news”


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