Most Popular Sikh Baby Names of 2017

Several hospitals throughout Punjab, Canada and USA were surveyed in trying to figure out the most popular Sikh baby names for 2017. The survey revealed some unique names for 2017 which were not thought of prior the year.

The modern generation seems to have gotten sick of the same old Sikh baby names and so creativity was at it’s finest for 2017. Some Sikh baby names actually formed a trend as it gained popularity among the young parents. A new trend was also witnessed in the USA and Canada where a fusion between Christian and Sikh names occurred.

The primary reasoning for the fusion name was Sikh parents trying to reduce bullying of their child by giving them a simple name that white people can actually pronounce.

Here are some of the most popular baby names for 2017. The wonderful thing about Sikh baby names is that they can most of the time be used for either a male or a female and so it’s sort of tough to know whether the baby is a male or female by just looking at the name. The decades old Sikh baby names Harpreet and Sandeep are still holding on strong as popularity doesn’t seem to have decreased.

1. Saihajleen

2. Sachpreet

3. Harleen

4. Gurbhaj

5. Tejbir

6. Sandeep

7. Harpreet

8. Sirat

9. Tajveen

10. Rasleen

The research in obtaining the list was done by: Jaspreet Kaur Edmonton

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