Evidence of Gandhi Wanting Hanging of Bhagat Singh

Mahatma Gandhi felt it was not in the larger interests of the country for him to make it a condition to ask for commutation of Bhagat Singh’s death penalty. In Gandhi’s own writing he has stated that to hang Bhagat Singh sooner and before the Congress delegation session in Karachi. Below are the official quotes […]

Bhagwant Mann Exposes Dirty Politics of Prashant Bhushan (Video)

While speaking to members of the media, Bhagwant Mann exposed the dirty politics being played by Prashant Bhushan. Bhagwant Mann Said, Prashant Bhushan wanted to move aside Arvind Kejriwal in Delhi and wanted to run for the CM post. Bhagwant Mann says he’s got information that Prashant Bhushan wanted BJP to win in Delhi and […]

Woman Sings Song For Harsimrat Badal, Calls Her a “Butcher” (Video)

A group of women expressed frustration over a butcher place being opened in their locality. A woman took the protest further by blaming Harsimrat Kaur Badal on the move of the butcher place. The woman spoke out in a song and said Harsimrat is a “Butcher.” The event occurred in a Sangrur village Kanouri Kalan. […]

Bhagwant Mann Speaks Out, Wants Yogendra Yadav Out of AAP (Video)

Bhagwant Mann spoke out in front of reporters on the need to expel Yogendra Yadav from AAP. He stated, “Those people who cause damage to the party should be let go.” The open statements from Bhagwant Mann has the most spoken out statements from any AAP leader. He says Yadav is causing the party to […]

Bhagwant Mann’s Response to AAP’s Internal Conflict (Video)

Bhagwant Mann addressed media persons regarding issues of the party which have been making headlines in recent days. Following reports of an internal rift within the Aam Aadmi Party,an interview to find out regarding internal problems of the AAP. He said that the party’s National Executive Committee is set to meet tomorrow, and is confident […]

Harsimrat Badal Could Resign From Modi’s Cabinet (Video)

Harsimrat Badal attended the meeting of a core committee which had decided to go forward with the land acquisition bill. Harsimrat Badal isn’t a member of the committee but still attended the meeting showing her unhappiness over the bill. It’s being widely rumored that Harsimrat might resign from her Cabinet position to protest against the […]

3 Punjab MPs Against Khaira Into AAP

According to media reports, the inclusion of Sukhpal Khaira isn’t being well received by 3 of the AAP MPs. The MPs Dr Dharamvira Gandhi (Patiala), Bhagwant Mann (Sangrur) and Prof Sadhu Singh (Faridkot), are against the move of an opportunist joining the party. However, Harinder Singh Khalsa from Fatehfarh Sahib supports the decision and has […]

Bhagwant Mann’s Response to Sukhpal Khaira Joining AAP (Video)

Reporters asked Bhagwant Mann on whether he’s aware of Sukhpal Khaira joining the party he responded by saying he’s unaware of the reports. Sukhpal Khaira has hinted he’s had meeting with AAP party representatives and considering the option to join the party. Sucha Singh Chotepur stated to a reporter that Khaira had meetings with them […]

Shocking Cause of Air India Flight Delay

An Air India Flight from Delhi to Hyderabad was delayed 45 minutes because a politician was late as she’d gone shopping. The politician is Congress party leader MP Renuka Chowdhary had been on the flight which included a union minister and a Supreme Court judge. The flight was delayed on purpose so that the politician […]

Bhagwant Mann Reveals AAP’s Punjab Plan Ready (Video)

While speaking to reporters at his recent visit to Amritsar, Bhagwant Mann revealed AAP’s plan for Punjab is ready. He reassured Punjabis that AAP is committed to continue it’s growth in Punjab after the recent Lok Sabha elections. He said, “The momentum started with Punjab and went into Delhi and so Punjabi can’t be ignored.” […]

Punjab Rivers to Get Passenger Buses That Ride on Water (Video)

The Punjab deputy CM has said the rivers of Punjab will now have buses riding on them. The ambitious plans were announced by Sukhbir Badal and stated Punjab would be the first State in India to have buses that ride on water. He says “the buses ride on water and on the road and passengers […]