While thousands of aquatic animals were dying due to a Kiri Afgana Sugar Mill leaking molasses into the river, politicians were busy trying to calm media attention of the incident.

ABP Sanjha recorded the Sarna Brothers meeting with Congress Minister Soni.

Jasdeep Kaur Chaddha is the sister in law of Ponty Chaddha and the daughter of Ex DSGMC Chief Parmjit Singh Sarna. One day after the incident, the Sarna brothers came to meet Soni, the Congress Minister.

The Minister told ABP Sanjha the Sarna Brothers came for a different reason. The investigative journalism by ABP Sanjha’s Yadwinder Singh asked tough questions about the timing of the Sarna brothers having ties with Captain Amrinder Singh and the head of the Sugar mill being their daughter.

The government initially fined the mill 25 lakhs and told the media the Mill was shut down. The fine has now been raised to 5 crore and to give orders to close all parts of the mill.

Due to initial slow action, the Beas river tragedy trended on social media for several days building pressure for the government to take stricter action. Several environmental groups raised the alarm causing opposing party politicians to highlight the disaster.

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