A British Sikh man was attacked by a bouncer and his friends after wanting to enter a night club in Krakow, Poland. Navjot Sawney was punched so hard by the bouncers that his turban was knocked down.

The situation became worse when the police arrived as they refused to help him or press charges against the bouncer. Instead, the police told him, what do you expect after the Paris attacks, white people are different from brown people”.

Navjot told a local newspaper that he was targeted on Saturday night because he look like a “terrorist.”

After Sawney and his friends attempted to enter Shaker’s nightclub he was stopped, spat on, and punched in the face.

Sawney told the Telegraph:

“The bouncers then surrounded me and one punched in the face with so much force my turban was knocked to the floor,” he added.

“I was shocked but I was really shocked by the attitude of the police” Sawhney went onto say that the officers witnessed the bouncer’s behavior of spitting on him and using aggressive force.

For Further reading see: The Telegraph

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