Upon information revealed during interrogation of the notorious gangster Jagdeep Singh aka Jaggu Bhagwanpuria, the Amritsar police arrested three more people which included his alleged girlfriend Sukhmandeep Kaur Dhillon aka “Dangerous Jatti” from Killar Jeevan Singh village in the Jandiala Guru area.

The police also recovered two licensed weapons from them.

The other two others arrested by the police were Rattandeep Singh and Gurpreet Singh alias Gopi who belong to the Mehta area. The police recovered a.32-bore revolver and a pistol, owned by Rattandeep and Gopi.

Jagu Gangster caught by police a few days ago. The search for Jagu intensified after police accidentally shot dead an Akali worker for Jagu.

Jagu’s girlfriend was allegdly involved in killing her former husband’s relative who she says was involved in her divorce. ‘Dangerous Jatti’ entered the crime world after meeting Jagu.

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