A Sikh student Rajwinder Singh received death threats after  a picture of him was posted on social media calling him a “terrorist.”

A Sikh student who received death threats and was labelled a terrorist simply for wearing a turban was shocked when police said they couldn’t protect him.

Rajwinder Singh feared for his life after his photograph was posted online, without his knowledge, alongside false criminal accusations.
A vicious backlash followed as the photo was shared around, including threats of violence and publicly listing his workplace.

“Put a bat through his turban and smash his legs to a pulp,” one person said on social media.
Genuinely afraid, the 23-year-old went to the police only to be told nothing could be done because the comments were online and therefore “not public”.

ONE News contacted Canterbury police for comment but despite Mr Singh giving permission for his file to be made public, they refused an interview.

The police could not help Mr Singh because making death threats online is not a crime.
But soon, under the Harmful Digital Communications Bill, posting a comment with the intention to cause harm could see people jailed for three months or incur a $2000 fine.

“For me my turban is my respect, and it’s my culture.
“We are not bad at all and we are not terrorists, we are not bombers.”

Via One News

Police Refuses to Help Sikh by dailysikhupdates

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