Over the last 24 hours there have been growing concerns expressed on social media about reports of Romanian crime gangs targeting Asian children. Specifically there have been allegations of an attempt to abduct a child in a push chair from the town centre which was foiled by security staff, and anecdotally about Sikh children being targeted and their hair cut.

A number of extensive checks have been made both on police systems and with our partners and contacts locally and no report of any such instances has been found.

Such concerns can spread quickly on social media and can increase fear and tension in the community. In view of this I have issued the following statement via Corporate Communications in answer to the comments that have been made and the queries raised:

“We are aware of comments on social media sites referring to this matter. To date no such incidents have been reported to the police.

“We have made our own enquires locally and have been unable to identify anyone who may either be a victim or a witness or indeed any such incident having occurred.

“If anyone has any information please contact Sandwell Police on 101.”

Many thanks,


Richard Youds
Superintendent (Operations and Crime)
Sandwell LPU
West Bromwich

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