New Non-sense on Guru Gobind Singh’s Epistles Of Victory (Fatehnamah and Zafarnamah) by the Ghost writers of Chandigarh,spearheading the
Anti-Guru Gobind Singh and Anti-Dasam Granth malicious campaign.

Recently,this anti-Dasam Granth lobby,operating from Chandigarh and working as ghost writers for unknown people like Gurbaksh Singh Kala Afghana,Ragi Darshan Singh,Jasbinder Singh(Jasvinder Singh) et al have now coined an inane theory that two Persian Epistles,FATEHNAMAH and ZAFARNAMAH are not written by Guru Gobind Singh.The reasons given are not only puerile,but also reflect the education and upbringing of these adversaries of Sikhism, worst than the Minas,Dhirmalias,Handalias and Ramrayias.

Here are two reasons:

(i)Wrong translations by Prof.Piara Singh Padam.
(ii)Deletion of Verses 61-63.
Now let there be an open challenge to these half-baked Gianis and adversaries of Guru Gobind Singh ji and his writings to answer the following questions on the following poetic and textual facts in which they are posing themselves as an expert:

(i) How many translations of Fatehnamah and Zafarnamah are available in English and Punjabi?
(ii)Which translation is the basis of your theory?
(iii) Which dictionary is the source of your distorted meanings?
(iv)In how many translations Verses 61-63 are missing?
(v)Whose translation of these verses is correct and whose translation is wrong?
(vi)Which Persian poetic metre is used in these Epistles?
(vii)What are the differences in use of this metre in Firdausi’s SHAHNAMA and Guru Gobind Singh’s ZAFARNAMAH in the Invocation.
(viii)In which verse Guru Gobind Singh ji has quoted Firdausi and Sheikh Sadi?
(ix)What according to Islamic law is a perfect oath on the holy Quran?
(x)Whether Guru Gobind Singh refers to the correct or wrong method of this oath?
(xi) In which verse of Farehnamah Guru Gobind Singh has employed the rare example of zul-qafiyatain:double rhymed and anti-thesis combined and the words used?
(xii)In which verse of Fatehnamah Guru Gobind Singh ji has shown his rhetorical feat of highest order using tazalzul to change the accent the word Aurangzeb to thrust its meaning of the word sarcastically.

I shall be waiting for the replies of these Slanderers upto 24.1.2016.But I am sure that in their dirty den of tricks there is no answer for any of the above questions.We will defeat these Devils in the guise of Sikhs in their own game,i.e.to put questions and test their intellectual level to study the writings of Guru Gobind Singh.

Gur Fateh:17.1.2016.

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