Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau issued an apology at the House of Commons for the Komagata Maru incident in May of 1914. The Canadian Government at the time prevented them from entering Canadian soil.

The ship boarded 376 people of Indian origin primarily Sikhs. The ship was refused and 19 passengers were killed after British forces fired on them in Calcutta.

The Global TV Reported:

“Mr. Speaker, today I rise in this House to offer an apology on behalf of the government of Canada, for our role in the Komagata Maru incident,” Trudeau said.

“Canada cannot solely be blamed for every tragic mistake that occurred with the Komagata Maru and its passengers.

“But Canada’s government was, without question, responsible for the laws that prevented these passengers from immigrating peacefully and securely. For that, and for every regrettable consequence that followed, we are sorry.”

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