The Prime Minister of Australia met a Singh who saved a life in the train station at Sydney, He writes on his Facebook:


“A great honour to meet Kulwinder Singh, who works for Sydney Trains, at Central this morning. He saved a passenger’s life by using a defibrillator after he had suffered a heart attack. The passenger, Michael White, said: “They brought me back, I was gone”. Whenever I bump into people working at Sydney Trains they have been friendly and professional but I’m so proud we have people like Kulwinder looking after passengers. Another reason to catch a train!”

A great comment on the thread received a tremendous response:

Gurpal Singh Sikh religion teaches to protect those in need no matter what it takes. A Sikh’s duty is to look after others and contribute to society with hard work and ethics. Sikh does selfless service to humanity without even a thought of a reward. The three principles of Sikhism are: 1) Honest Work 2) Share With Others (10% or more of a Sikh’s daily earnings go to Charity) 3) Always Remember God in both good and bad times. So, when you see a man with a Turban and Beard remember that he’s Sikh born to help others and to spread peace. Sikhs also serve free food at all Religious Places called a Gurdwara. Food is served 24/7 and the Kitchen at Sri Harmandar Sahib Amritsar (Golden Temple) Feeds 100,000 people a day. It’s a food system based on compassion. The free food meaning Langar represents equality and is always served while sitting down on the same surface as others to represent that all are equal and Sikhism is strictly against discrimination based on skin color, caste, creed, gender, etc. Sikhs believe all have the right to food and no one should go hungry. The Sikh Gurus taught that if you don’t love than you will never reach the feet of God. Our Tenth Guru Said “Recognize all of the Human Race as One.” Our Holy Scriptures Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji is the eternal Guru of the Sikhs. We pay respect by bowing down and seek blessings. The Scriptures were written by the Sikh Gurus themselves.
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