Prime Minister Narendra Modi answered questions from students across the nation on the occasion of Teachers Day on Friday. One question was raised regarding climate change and it’s threat to the planet today. See what Prime Minister of the world’s largest democracy Mr Narendra Modi thinks about it.

Question by school children in: We in Assam feel very concerned about climate change and its consequences. Sir, how can you help and guide us to protect our pristine environment?

PM Modi’s response: See how these days even small kids are discussing about climate change and environment change. 70,80, 85 or 90 years old people…Often during winter, you’ll notice that they say it’s colder this year than ever before. Don’t they say such things? Actually it’s not any colder. Their capacity to tolerate cold has reduced due to aging. In the same manner, the climate hasn’t changed. We have changed.

Indian PM Narendra Modi makes an obscure remark on Climate Change in his address to children on Sept 5th Teacher’s day which was webcast across the nation. Recently he had made a similar statement at Sacred Hearts University in Japan. This puts his understanding of Climate Change to question. The actions of his government also speak in denial of Climate Change. They have been flouting environmental and tribal laws and amending the regulatory system of the country to fast track forest clearances and investment in fossil fuel.

PM Modi has also decided to skip the UN Climate Change Summit on September 23rd along with Chinese Premier. They together represent the largest polluting countries on the planet.

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