Pictures of Kiran Bedi Lathi charge on Sikhs in 1978 Go Viral

Pictures from newspaper (A leading Daily, 6 November 1978) have gone viral on social networks after Kiran Bedi became the BJP’s CM candidate. The pictures show Kiran Bedi lathi charge Akali protesters.

The caption under the pictures was “Kiran Bedi Handling Protestors Single Handedly”

The following is the exact newspaper wording from 1978.

“A group of Akalis brandishing their swords made a collective attempt to break the police cordon. While the policemen retreated, Mrs Kiran Bedi, alone and with a small baton in her hand, charged the crowd to foil their attempts.

Despite the fact, that some Akalis surrounded her for a while and hit her with lathis on her helmet, Mrs Kiran Bedi still managed to face them and forced them to retreat. Shockingly, none of the policemen dared came to her rescue while she was being hit with sticks by the Akalis.”

Kiran bedi1

kiran bedi sikhs



Here is another article:

“New Delhi, November 5 – The skirmish between the Akali protestors and the police at India Gate would have taken a bloodier turn had it not been for the courage and the presence of mind shown by Mrs Kiran Bedi, Deputy Commissioner of Police.
An Akali jatha had been stopped by the police from the congregation venue. The Akalis were insistent on courting arrest. When an attempt was made to herd them into waiting police vans, they turned militant and said that they would go in DTC buses.
The protestors soon became restive and started provoking the police”

Kiran Bedi also visited Bangla Sahib Gurdwara in Delhi today after filing her nomination as a BJP candidate.

Kirab Bedi at Bangla sahib

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