Pictures of Bhagat Puran Singh Ji That Will Change Your Thinking

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A painting of Bhagat Puran Singh ji with “Garland of His Neck”.
bhagatpuran (29)

The cycle cart used by Bhagat ji to carry Piara Singh Darbar Sahib daily.

bhagatpuran (30)

Bhagat Ji being host to some foreigners.

bhagatpuran (1)

Bhagat ji with his family.

bhagatpuran (2)

He loved all the creations of God.

bhagatpuran (3)

Bhagat ji with another Singh.

bhagatpuran (4)

Bhagat ji getting a patient to pingalwara.

bhagatpuran (5)

Bhagat jis Arrangement to carry patients.Bhagat ji is also seen.

bhagatpuran (6)

Bhagat ji with another patient.

bhagatpuran (7)

Bhagat ji worried about a patient.

bhagatpuran (8)

Bhagat ji listening to Gurbanee(centre).

bhagatpuran (9)

Bhagat ji in His simplicity.

bhagatpuran (10)

Bhagat Ji seen with thick specs and papers, in thoughts.

bhagatpuran (11)

Bhagat Ji with some more Gurmukhs.Sleeping himself on floor.

bhagatpuran (12)

Bhagat ji with the needy.

bhagatpuran (13)

Pingalwara in its early forms when Bhagat ji had arranged to keep needy people on makeshift beds.He tried to help the needy in whichever way he could and with whatever resources he could gather.

bhagatpuran (14)

Bhagat Ji doing Ardaas near a badly crippled patient.He felt the pain of patients as his own pain.

bhagatpuran (15)

Another picture of Bhagat Ji.

bhagatpuran (16)

Bhagat Ji with some more people and his “Donation Box” and a bell. He roamed around to collected any small donations for the needy people.

bhagatpuran (17)

Once again lost in books and his thoughts about humanity and its welfare.

bhagatpuran (18)

See the Garibi he lived in .He gave the needy his own food,his own clothes .

bhagatpuran (19)

Bhagat Ji always emphasised on cleanliness. He asked people to pick up any dirt from roads and put it at right place.Here he is seen picking up something from road himself

bhagatpuran (20)

Bhagat Ji in thoughts in front of Khalsa College Amritsar.

bhagatpuran (21)

Bhagat Ji with a patient.

bhagatpuran (22)

Bhagat Ji thinking where to keep these needy people. He never cared about his own body,clothes,health.

bhagatpuran (23)

Here Bhagat Ji is writing something. Along with Sewa of deceased,crippled and needy people he used to write on Gurbani and Gurmat and also on general social topics.He has written and published lot of such articles both in Punjabi and English from Pingalwara Press.

bhagatpuran (24)

Bhagat Ji with another needy child.

bhagatpuran (25)

Bhagat Ji with his “Garland of Neck”

bhagatpuran (26)

Its hard to even imagine such a soul.I have no words to explain his sewa. I took some pictures from the pingalwara museum. Here Bhagat Ji is carrying Piara Singh . Piara Singh was crippled , Bhagat Ji picked him up one fine day and called “Garland of my Neck” ,took care of him . Its because of him that by Guru Sahibs Kirpa Pingalwara came into existence and served numerous needy people.

bhagatpuran (27)

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