Picture of Sikh Cab Driver Showing Solidarity Goes Viral

A Sikh Cab driver in NYC posed for a picture showing his hands up as a way of showing solidarity towards black people. The recent court decisions against black men in NYC and Missouri have caused outrage as many are saying injustice had been done

A recent court dismissal of a police officer involved in the death of a black person named Eric Garner protests are happening nationwide against the judicial system. Many people of different faiths are showing unity to demand action against the police officer involved in Eric Garner’s death. Eric Garner was minding his own business when a police officer approached him without evidence and questioned him. After verbal exchange, Eric was then pinned to the ground which affected his breathing. He yelled saying I can’t breath but the policeman didn’t listen to him which resulted in his death.

This picture of a Sikh has gone viral over twitter and facebook in solidarity for the black community.

Sikh cab driver 1

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