Picture of Kejriwal Laughing with Jagdish Tytler Goes Viral

An image showing Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal holding hands and smiling with Jagdish Tytler has gone viral on social networks. The Delhi CM claimed to have put together a SIT to punish those responsible for 1984 but it appears the SIT don’t lead to anywhere when the CM openly laughs with the main culprit.


The image was taken at a Muslim organization event where the Delhi CM and members of various parties were invited to attend.

Cartoon controversy

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal quoted a fresh controversy, he tweeted a cartoon targeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Delhi CM tweeted a cartoon to accuse PM Modi of deflecting real issues in the country, but to his surprise, gets slammed by people for insulting Lord Hanuman.

CM tweeted a cartoon by well known cartoonist Surendra, published in The Hindu today, to prove a point. In the cartoon, Surendra depicts how issues are deflected by politicians and used an arsonist with his tail set ablaze saying “Done Sir. All attention is on JNU” to PM Narendra Modi, thus directing all attention away from the fire at the Make In India venue.

Now, we know why Kejriwal tweeted this, but never would have he imagined things will take a U-turn where people criticise him less for what he tried to say subtly, but for insulting Hanuman. The right-wing supporters are slamming Kejriwal for insulting Lord Hanuman, who in the Ramayana sets the city of Ravan’s Lanka ablaze with fire on his tailend, comparing the arsonist in the cartoon to Hanuman.
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