Photoshopped Images of Bernie Sanders Go Viral on Social Media

Pictures of the only independent Senator of the United States Bernie Sanders go viral on social media. A picture of the democratic Presidential candidate of him wearing a mask and sitting on a chair made the rounds of social media in recent days.

The cropped image has been used on hundreds of backgrounds from Bernie being at basketball games, to sitting in an hospital room, and now at the Delhi Kisan Morcha.

The pictures of Bernie keeping warm by sitting next to a fire with Kisans in Delhi were being very widely shared on social media.

Bernie Sanders remains a favorite of Meme artists for his intellectual responses to questions. Sikhs in United States supported Bernie Sanders in larger numbers and campaigned extensively for him to become the Presidential candidate.

Many believe Bernie Sanders should’ve been the candidate for President as the establishment may have had a hand in altering public opinion.

Many people supported Bernie’s socialist ideals but it failed to gain traction among the moderates.

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