A petition created by Mandeep Virdi has got over 16,000 signatures in a very short period of time. The petition has gained momentum in the last few weeks. Sikh religious rights are increasingly being violated at airports by the removal of the Sikh turban during checking. Proper procedures to respect the sentiments and rights of Sikhs aren’t followed by security staff.

The petition reads:

“Across the world at airports Sikhs are being asked to remove their turbans. The turban for Sikhs is a mandatory symbol of their faith and therefore to ask them to remove it, is a direct infringement of their human right to religion/ faith.

There have been many recent example of where a Sikh man has been asked to remove his turban, Mr Waris in the US was a recent event that was publicised.

I would like the UK Government to introduce a law protecting the right of Sikhs. I would also ask the UK Government to raise this issue with international governments.”

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