A story published in a 1935 Punjabi magazine ‘Phulwardi’ takes us on a journey of how the first village ended up becoming the perfect village full of GurSikhs.

The story starts off how a man on route to his destination passes by a village with people full of humility and humbleness. Everyone in the village greets him and treats him with respect and provide the utmost care. The man gets amazed by how everyone in the village is a GurSikh and provide exceptional hospitality.

The man learns after enquiring that the village use to be full of criminals and people with bad records. The village made a complete turnaround when a GurSikh visited the village and his soul ended up inspiring others to adapt the GurSikhi way of life. The message the story carries is that it only takes one GurSikh to make an impact of hundreds of people and that to be a GurSikh you must positively change lives of other people around you.






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