People Trash India Square in American Town After Diwali Celebrations

Journal Square is among the most famous intersections of the United States and it’s in the State of New Jersey. A Diwali party took place at the Square but the aftermath seemed more from what would happen after a tornado goes through.

The entire Journal Square was littered with garbage and it almost seemed like a third world country after only a few hours.

Diwali, the festival unanimously associated with love and light, turned out to be a terribly messy affair at the India Square in New Jersey. A video doing the rounds of social media shows gushes of water being sprayed by multiple hydrants so as to clear unimaginable amounts of trash that India Square was littered with.

The street was filled with empty boxes, wrappers of crackers and other sorts of waste material. Large crowds gathered at India Square while it was being cleaned. Some people – visibly unfazed by the scenario – were also heard speaking in Hindi in the video. A New Jersey Police van, meanwhile, patrolled the street to administer the work that was carried out.

The fourteen-second video has been shared on Twitter by a user, Sandhya, with the caption, “Ashamed to be called an Indian. Last Night on Indian Street near Journal Square New Jersey. Hats off to NJ Police handling the mess Very professionally.”

The video, needless to mention, has generated a discussion on Twitter and has already been viewed almost 15,000 times. “All Indians should undergo compulsory rigorous training camps on cleanliness before entering these developed countries,” a user wrote as several others expressed anger in the comments section of the video.

In short, Twitter is enraged:

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