Passengers Throw out Pakistani Politician From Plane

Passengers Throw Out Rehman Malik by dailysikhupdates
Via Passenger
Public throwing out Mr. Rehman Malik & an MNA
(Disclaimer: I didn’t shot this video, I just merged and posted)
Are you ready for this?
Here I’m posting complete package of this new incident of getting Mr. Rehman Malik offloaded from a PIA flight (for making the passengers wait for a couple of hours) along with an MNA belonging to PML-N (for having the liberty of waiting for Mr. Malik in some comfortable place and not with other passengers).
Ladies and gentlemen, in all our past years, the VIPs were Brahmins in our society and all the rest of us were achhoot (the untouchables). The compassionate ones so dearly waited for a day when these Brahmins (these VIPs), held by their hair and beards, will be dragged onto the streets by the common man and shown their real worth. For this, though, a grand transformation was required, where the common man, aka the middle class, realizes its real power. For this, it was required that the common man starts believing that respect is not about how much money you have or about the position that you hold. When they understand that respect has to be earned by being fair, humble, honest, committed and sometimes by just being respectful towards others.
This transformation seemed a farfetched idea until recently, when the educated middle class can be seen rising with a new belief. The common man can clearly see the insecurity of the (so-called) powerful elite when they come together to save each other. The powerful is the new weak and the weak is becoming the new power. Then why become an MNA if you can reclaim respect? Why become filthy rich if rich are not being respected? Tables have turned.
This video is an evidence of this historical transformation. The words between 2:30 and 3:10 echo in my head and my heart beats with this new wave of belief. “And even if you are a Minister, We don’t care anymore… We don’t care anymore… You people have to become humans”.
So I congratulate my fellow countrymen, for this newfound belief. I wish and pray and request that we cherish this new power and let’s use it with responsibility. and let me end it with this… “We don’t care anymore… Because we care”.

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