Passengers aboard the Air India flight from Amritsar to Delhi panicked after one of the passenger windows broke off and fall on a woman. The passengers in the flight were frightened and prayed for the safe landing of the flight.

The cause of the window’s trim falling off was due to a sudden turbulence just 15 minutes after the flight took off.

The oxygen masks dropped for the passengers and the air hostesses tried to keep people calm.

Three passengers were taken to the hospital after the flight landed and suffered minor head injuries. The passengers were able to board their connecting flights.

The airline hasn’t issued any comments but the DGCA will be investigating the incident.

The sudden turbulence was unexpected according to a person in the flight and left the passengers stunned on whether they would face the same type of turbulence on the flight.

The air hostess ran to the site soon after passengers sounded the alarm with loud calls. Everyone on the flight can be seen worried and saying “Wahe Guru” so that somehow they can just get to the ground safely.

The passengers were extremely unhappy and expressed their frustration during and after the light landed.

Video 1

Video 2

Air hostess is seen trying to put the window back in the slot.

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