Passenger Opens Air India Plane Door Causing Escape Raft to Fall Out

Air India flights are running a record low cabin crew members on it’s flights to cut costs has ended up with backlash after a passenger opened the emergency door causing the raft to fall out.

The raft well onto the aerobridge preventing disaster on the ground. If the raft had fallen directly on the ground it would have caused serious injuries to personnel and vehicles.

The incident occurred just minutes before the flight was to take off at 8:30am from Delhi to Moscow.

After the passenger returned from using the restroom “I was about to take my seat when I heard a staffer knocking on the window asking to open the door. So I opened the door without realizing that I shouldn’t have opened it,”

Another passenger stated “As the door opened, there was a sudden hissing sound, followed by a loud thud, and that was when the flight attendants noticed the passenger’s errant behaviour. It was too late to stop him.” The escape slide raft fell onto the aerobridge, and an engineering team had to be called to detach it from the aircraft.

Air India did not comment on the incident. Its spokesperson sought time to respond.

The emergency armed door can be easily opened by passengers as it’s only meant to be open in emergency situations.

According to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, the flight should have a crew of 9 cabin members but on the particular flight there was only 7 cabin members on board.

According to aviation rules each emergency exit should be manned by at least 1 crew member.

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