Away from the spotlight of the Victorian Coroner’s inquest into the killing of 11 year old Luke Batty, the Glebe Coroner’s court in NSW has been hearing about the gruesome death of 32 year old Parwinder Kaur, on Dec 2, 2013. Minutes before her tragic death, she had rung 000, a recording of which was played at the Coroner’s court on Monday, Sep 28.

“My name is Parwinder,” the 32-year-old can be heard saying in a quiet voice. “My husband nearly killed me.” Shortly after, Parwinder Kaur’s neighbours reported hearing a “blood-curdling scream”, seeing Ms Kaur, running from the house, as a “ball of fire”, the inquest has heard. Her husband, Kulwinder Singh, was seen running after her and patting her as if to put out the flames.

But she died early the following morning after suffering burns to almost 85 per cent of her body. Her husband later told police their marriage had no problems. “I never tried to hurt her,” he told investigators. But counsel assisting, Philip Strickland SC, has told Deputy State Coroner Sharon Freund that the evidence appears inconsistent with any suggestion Ms Kaur had set herself on fire in a bid to end her life or to attract police attention.

Via: SBS Punjabi

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