Parents Speak Out on Sexual Abuse of Daughter at Age 12 by Granthi

This is a narrative of the parents of the child who was 12 years old when Gurdarshan Singh, a Granthi in Maryland started sexually abusing her over a period of one year.

In July 2020, a blog came out (https://removingpredatorgurdarshan.wo…) that resurfaced this issue and rumors & theories started to surface. The parents of the girl decided that they had to shed light on the trauma of the child due to the abuse and the suffering of the family over the years because of what Gurdarshan Singh did.

They also shed light on the wrongful decision by the leadership of the Gurdwara at that time in choosing to coverup the crime despite the court verdict and despite the inquiry from Akal Takht.

A family member provided details of the incident:

It takes immense courage to do what my aunt and uncle did two decades ago when they took the man who sexually abused…

Posted by Harpreet Kaur on Monday, September 28, 2020

Prominent American Sikh Kamal Singh Kalsi also shared the video and wrote:

“Pedophiles and convicted sex offenders should not be allowed to serve as priests in our houses of worship. I believe the Maryland Gurudwara that has protected Gurdarshan Singh shares blame in these crimes if they are trying to cover up what has transpired.”

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