(DSU News Bureau) After an intense debate inside Turlok Gurdwara Sahib on Saturday in California, Parcharak Sarbjit Dhunda walked out of the Gurdwara after Singhs questioned him.

Reportedly, the Dhunda was questioned on Naam, Ardas, 8.4 lakh joon and other Gurbani related questions. Prof. Dhunda tried to justify his answers with Prof. Sahib Singh’s references but Singhs proved otherwise.

When Prof. Dhunda was quizzed on various gurbani topics a person at the debate stated he was “going back and forth on his explanations without any references.” When the sangat asked for proof he cited Prof. Sahib Singh. However, the sangat had prepared responses and were quick to provide reference from Prof Sahib Singh’s “Guru Granth Darpan” which were against what Dhunda stated.

The Sikhs provided Prof. Dhunda with his own recordings justifying their questions and answers given by him, but he abruptly left the Gurdwara Sahib.

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