Sinful Gurbaksh Singh whose two failed hunger strikes stunned the Khalsa Panth asked forgiveness from Sarbat Khalsa Jathedars. Gurbaksh Singh had done ardas twice and committed massive sacrilege after he made a secret deal with the government and ended his hunger strike.

Gurbaksh Singh is looked upon as the biggest traitors by the last decade as he couldn’t full fill his ardas and let millions around the world down. Several Sikh leaders after the 2nd hunger strike revealed that he had received lot of money, cars, horses, and other luxuries which ended up building up his greed.

The Sarbat Khalsa Jathedars stated to him that a decision at the upcoming Sarbat Khalsa will be announced on him.

Gurbaksh Pappi by dailysikhupdates

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