Senior Lawyer Leaves Heartbreaking Letter Before Committing Suicide at Tikri Border

Senior lawyer Amarjit Singh Rai committed suicide at Tikri Border and left behind a heartbreaking letter. In the letter, Advocate Amarjit Singh Rai stated that PM Modi sold to interests such as Ambani and Adani and that the common farmers would be worse off with the agricultural bills. Here is the letter:

Muslim Man Gets Emotional on Shaheedi Day of Sahibzaade

A Muslim man spoke to a Punjabi media network expressing his views on the shaheedi of the Sahibzaade, the sons of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Ji. He stated that he condemned the acts of the rulers of the time and that his religion does not allow for such acts to be committed. Here is […]

Farmers Met With Accident at Bridge Near Khanna

Last night, the farmer brothers who were going to join the ‘Kisan Andolan’ from village Wadale, Amritsar to Delhi, had an accident while on the bridge near Khanna. With the grace of God, there was no loss of life but there are injuries. Farmer brothers going to Via Khanna from Punjab are requested to repair […]

80 Year Old Woman Who Came Under Attack by Kangana Given Gold Medal

New Delhi: The agitation of farmers against agricultural laws is intensifying. Meanwhile, 80-year-old Mohinder Kaur from Bathinda, who joined the farmers’ movement, was honored with a pure gold medal. Let it be known that this Bibi Kangana has come in the headlines from Ranaut’s tweet. From New Zealand, the Sikh Supreme Society and the New […]

Soldiers Return National Medals, “Will Sacrifice Life for Farmers”

A group of Soldiers arrived at the Delhi Border farmer protests and pledged support for the farmer’s cause. The soldiers put their medals in a box and gave it to the government in protest of the government not taking back the farm bills. The soldiers stated they served at some of the toughest terrains in […]

Navjot Sidhu’s Shawl Draws Controversy on Social Media

The leader of Punjab currently considered to be the most popular after his historic support for Sri Kartarpur Sahib corridor has drawn controversy on social media over a shawl that carried Sikh religious symbols. Many on social media did not mind the shawl but others did state it wasn’t appropriate to embed and wear the […]

Yogi Adyitanath Visits Lucknow Gurdwara in Honor of Sahibzaade

The CM of UP visited a Lucknow Gurdwara Sahib in honor of the sacrifice made by the Sahibzaade, the sons of Guru Gobind Singh Sahib J, the tenth Guru of the Sikhs. The visit coincides with the visit of PM Modi at Rakab Ganj Gurdwara Sahib a week ago. Yogi Adityanath has visited Gurdwara Sahibs […]

Excommunicated Harnek Neki in Critical Condition at New Zealand Hospital

Auckland (New Zealand). According to information from different sources, Harnek Neki, the director of Radio Virsa is still critical. He’s still in I. C. U. and his chest, arms, neck and head have sharp weapons wounds. Several surgeries have been done to prevent the bleeding. The situation is being improved from yesterday. Several posts are […]

Forbes: Mukesh Ambani Loses $6.8 Billion Dollars After Reliance Stock Sinks 9% !

According to financial magazine Forbes, Mukesh Ambani has lost $6.8 billion dollars after his company Reliance Industries plunged 9% on weak quarterly earnings. The most valuable company in India sank to it’s lowest level in nearly 7 seven months causing India’s richest person to go from 5th to 9th richest in just 24 hours. The […]

Granthi Speaks Out After Giving Siropa and Garland to Modi at Rakab Ganj Gurdwara Sahib

The Granthi Singh who spoke with and gave Siropa and garland to Prime Minister Modi speaks to Yadwinder Singh. Yadwinder Singh asked what the conversation between him and PM Modi was about to which the Granthi Singh responded, “I told him the history of the Gurdwara Sahib. There wasn’t enough time so I briefed him […]