BREAKING: Navdeep Bains Resigns from Trudeau Cabinet

Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry Navdeep Singh Bains resigned from Canadian PM Justin Trudeau’s cabinet. The reason Navdeep Bains cited was to spend more time with his family. He further stated that he will not contest the next election. Here is his statement: My statement on my decision not to run in the next […]

Former Supreme Court Justice: Unconstitutional for Court to Stay Farm Bills

Excerpt of article from ‘The‘ During the course of the hearing of the case relating to the three farm laws today, the Supreme Court reportedly observed that it may stay implementation of the laws. Though the Court has not yet passed any order to this effect, assuming that it does, will it be a […]

Jagjit Dallewal: Appeals to Farmers to Not Commit Suicide

Farm leader Jagjit Singh Dallewal appealed to farmers from Singhu stage to not commit suicide. In recent days, the suicides have spiked during the farmer protests. The mental and physical conditions at the Delhi border protests have started to take a toll on some farmers causing them to become mentally weak. Jagjit Singh Dallewal appealed […]

‘Kisan Anthem’ Writer Shree Brar Arrested Over ‘Jaan’ Song

Kisan Anthem writer Shree Brar was arrested due to glorifying gun culture in the song ‘Jaan.’ The Patiala police made the arrest due to the lyrics glorified crime and provoked the youth according to the police. A Patiala police officer highlighted the reasons for the arrest: Pro Punjab broke down the news:

Reliance: No Plans to Enter Contract Farming

Reliance Industries (RIL) issued a press release stating that they have no plans to enter contract farming and haven’t done so in the past. The statement also addressed recent vandalism of JIO towers. The statement read: Reliance said, “has nothing whatsoever to do with the three farm laws currently debated in the country, and in […]

Airtel Increases Subscribers, Jio Makes Domestic Calls Free

The Reliance owned company Jio has announced that making calls from a Jio number to non Jio numbers will be free which ends the interconnect usage charges on domestic calls. According to IndiaTimes: “As per company’s claims, Jio had assured users that they’d only continue charging until TRAI abolished the IUC charges. And now, it […]

Lakha Sidhana Energizes Crowd in Rajasthan

Lakha Sidhana arrived to the site where Rajasthan farmers were being blockaded by the police about 100km from the Delhi Rajasthan border. The farmers were prevented from crossing the blockade for several weeks. Lakha Sidhana arrived at the site to energize the crowd and encourage them to pass through blockade like the farmers in Punjab, […]

5 Zee News Reporters Storm Farmer Leader Rakesh Tikait

Five Zee news reporters stormed the farm leader Rakesh Tikait to get an update from him before the meeting with the Centre’s ministers. The news reporters appeared to hug and surround him to try to get something out of him. However, the leader remained calm despite being mobbed by several reporters from the same news […]

Government Ministers Abandon State Food for Farmer Langar at Meeting

The central government ministers Narendra Singh Toman and Piyush Goyal abandoned state food over langar brought by farmers during today’s meeting. The farmers over the last 5 meetings have brought their own food and share langar amongst them. However, things took a different turn when the ministers tried either diplomatically appease the farmers or for […]

ZEE TV Host Quits Following Defamation Against Khalsa Aid

Gurpreet Grewal, a famous radio host in Canada has resigned from hosting a Bhangra competition show on ZEE5 channel. The decision of the Gurpreet came after ZEE News defamed the world renowned Khalsa Aid on a live TV show. The false news about Khalsa Aid irked Sikhs around the world as many said the false […]

Super Fan Nav Bhatia Refuses Indian Award, Writes Emotional Letter of Refusal

“My heart cannot accept this {global Indian award 2020 from CIF Canada India Foundation}award at this time.Not while my brothers and sisters across India are in pain.I stand with all of the farmers of India. I pray for a safe and peaceful resolve.” I am Sikh.Actually.I am a proud Sikh. I came to Canada in […]