A pandit of one of the Hindu temples in Punjab spoke out on the ardas sacrilege done Rampur Phul. He stated the copied ardas is never done in Hindu religion. He stated the ardas or ‘sankalap’ done at Hindu temples is not similar to the Sikh ardas. He further stated that miscreants or trouble makers added hindu deities in the Sikh ardas to cause controversy and tensions. He condemned what occurred at Maluka’s inauguration of his election office.

He added that the lines added into the Sikh ardas was not written in any hindu scriptures including the Ramayan.

Earlier Story:

The Akal Takht has taken note of the viral video showing the distortion of ardas during the launch of SAD MLA Sikander Malooka’s election office. The video appears to add hindu deities into the Sikh ardas has hurt the sentiments of the Sikh community. The video had gone viral on social networks with many expressing disappointment and unhappiness.

The Akal Takht has ordered the SGPC to submit a full report on the video.

Video of the incident:

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