Pandit Rao Teaches About “Zafarnama” at 3 Places

Sri Guru Gobind Singh Saheb ji Parakash Utsav was celebrated in a unique by teaching Zafarnama to different sections of society in three different places in same day . Jyoti Swaroop Gurudwara Saheb, Sri Fatehgarh Saheb witnessed south Indian reciting Zafaranama infront of the Gurudwara where thousands of Sangat listened with surprise and happiness .
Panditrao Dharennavar who has translated Zafaranama into kannada, taught Zafaranama to Doctors of PGI, Chandigarh. Infact , Panditrao has been teaching Punjabi to these PGI Doctors everyday but on the occasion of Birth Anniversary of Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji, Panditrao selected Zafaranama to be taught.
Panditrao also taught “Zafaranama” to players of Volleyball in Shivalik Public School, Chandigarh, where 4th National Junior National tournament is going on.
He selected Zafaranama to be taught in this auspicious occasion because the message of Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji in Zafaranama, is universal and applicable to all the sections of society.
Panditrao also carried the banner everywhere which read why there is no Goverment Punjabi Medium School in Chandigrah?”


Zafaranama 2

Zafaranama 3

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