Pandit Rao Says Gurdass Mann Should Apologize For Song (Video)

Pandit Rao asks Gurdass Mann to Apologize for his song where it promotes use of liquor.

“Pandit Rao C Dharennavar is Assistant Professor in Govt College Chandigarh. He is basically from Karnataka but he has learnt Punjabi so well that he has written 8 books in Punjabi and He has translated Sri Jap Ji Saheb te Sri Sukhmani Saheb into Kannada…He has written many articles in Punjabi news paper.His article ” Maffi Mango Mann Saab” has created general awareness among Punjabis about “Ghar di Sharab”…..being Sociologist he looks at this song as negative force on people’s mind.. and he believes …If Gurudas Mann Saab says sorry for his word “Ghar Di Sharab howe” then nobody can dare to sing bad songs in Punjabi in future……..Punjabi is Holy language and nobody has right to sing bad songs in Pavittar Bhasha Punjabi…..He also demands public apology from writer of this song Makhan Brar Saab to say sorry to Punjabi Ma Boli …so that nobody in future dare to write bad words in Holy Language.” Via Punjabi Ma Boli Youtube Channel

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