Pakistan’s Sikh Exposes Grooming of Sikh Girls in Pakistan

A Sikh man from Pakistan has exposed the grooming of Sikh girls in Pakistan. The man was on Akaal Channel and stated several cases where minor Sikh girls as young as five were groomed to convert into Islam. In most cases, the families were threatened and the girl was not returned.

A family member of the kidnapped girl has stated on Akaal Channel that Sikh girls are regularly targeted and groomed by a group of Muslim men in Nankana Sahib. The person stated that he’s the first cousin of the girl and that the men start targeting the girls at a young age to groom them.

He stated that there were several other girls that were vulnerable as they have come in contact with such men. He further stated that conversion of girls in Punjab and Sind of Sikh and Hindu girls has occurred for years.

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