A Pakistani Muslim news channel aired a story of a Sikh man being converted into Islam. The incident occurred in Belgium where a young Sikh boy was pressured into becoming a Muslim. The Pakistani news channel aired a press conference showing how they converted a Sikh and how to convert other Sikhs.

The incident caught the attention of the CEO of Sikh Channel who immediately deployed a team to Belgium to investigate the incident. The team reached Belgium and understood that Pakistani men were forcing conversion of the Sikh boy. Sikhs approached the boy and made him realize that Sikhi wasn’t easy to obtain and that millions of sacrifices had occurred to maintain Sikhi. The boy named Angrez Singh realized his mistake and came back to Sikhi.

This incident has reveiled that a major attempt of converting Sikhs by Pakistani men is being done throughout Europe. Many ignorant Sikhs who have little knowledge about Sikhi come under pressure and get converted.

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