Singer Mika has been performing at various venues across Pakistan for his tour.

During the starting of his first show in Lahore, he shouted slogans of Various religious groups to show communal harmony. He also shouted the Sikh Jaikare of Bole So Nihal and the Pakistanis responded by saying Sat Shri Akal.

The singer has numerously shown he loves his religion and has stated many times that through his spiritual journey he will make mistakes but will learn from them.

While visiting Pakistan he also visited the birth place of the first Sikh Guru, Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji at Nanakana Sahib.


Mika posted the following message on his social networks:

“Wow! What a super hit sold out show in ‪#‎Lahore‬.. A big thanxx to all my fans for such great support.. Guys till now I’ve been alone with no security.. That’s why I say Singh is king
Check this out everyone.. I did jo Bole sonehal in ‪#‎Pakistan‬…That just shows how much love I got from these wonderful people…”

Mika Shouts Jaikara in Pakistan by dailysikhupdates

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