The World Cup Cricket match between India and Pakistan didn’t end without any controversies.

A video after the match has surfaced from Australia showing fans from both countries in a brawl after the match. The fight occured at Merrylands RSL club and 2 people have been arrested for riots and affray charges.

The injured have been released from the hospitals with non life threatening injuries. The fight between the two group of fans started after an angry fan threw a stool at group nearby and immediately tried to flee the club.

Another person threw a chair at the opposing fans and run out of the club.

The club had over 220 CCTV cameras and 20 of the cameras captured the entire brawl. The owner of the club said in his 23 years of running the club, this was first such incident to have ever occurred.

Pakistanis and Indians fight at a local restaurant in Sidney has now disappointed fans from both countries.


Frustrated Pakistani fans and excited Indian Fans clashed immediately following the result of the World Cup cricket match. The fight between Indians and Pakistanis lasted for only about 15-20 minutes but left 4 seriously injured.

The video of the brawl has gone viral on social networks and many expressed disappointment at the fight happening.

Winning and losing is part of the game but frustrated fans took anger out on each other instead of the poor performance of the players.

The restaurant which hosted a showing of the game was left with a lot of damage and not expected to be open for a few days.

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