Punjabis from across the border are having an increasing interest in watching Punjabi songs and films from Indian Punjab on YouTube. The numbers are staggering and has caught the attention of the Punjabi Film and Music Industry. A look at the past 2 years of all the Punjabis songs and films uploaded onto YouTube reveal that a significant portion of the views are coming from across the border.

The internet medium has proven it can cross man made barriers and whether you are from Indian Punjab or Pakistan Punjab both sides seek the same entertainment as the culture and language is the same. There are more Punjabi speakers from across the border which is why the YouTube videos are having higher views from Pakistan.

The viewership is so strong that Punjabi songs are having more views than the Bollywood film songs released on YouTube on any given time in the last two years. Some of the most popular Hindi Bollywood songs have less views than Punjabi Songs. In aggregate, the top ten Punjabi songs are beating the top ten Bollywood songs by 10-20 million views.

Other than views, statistics of the comments and shares have also revealed a significant portion of the consumer of the videos is coming from Pakistan Punjab.

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