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One of the great tragedies that befell Lahore was when over 7,000 Sikh men and over 3,000 women and children, all chained, were slaughtered outside Delhi Gate. It is known in history as the Choota Ghalughara – the Lesser Holocaust.

We have mentioned this event in Lahore’s history in these columns from time to time, but many readers have asked that it be explained in its ‘proper’ context. To explain the slaughter of such a large number of innocent humans is a difficult proposition, let alone the details of women and children being thrown into a well after their throats were slit by the Muslim butchers of Mohallah Qabasan, inside Delhi Gate.

There is no doubt that the events of 1947, which led to the greatest exodus in human history, would be Lahore’s greatest tragedy. Sadly we refuse to learn lesson from this event by sticking to a disastrous communal path, let alone learn from the ‘Lesser Holocaust’. Lahore had seen slaughters in battle before, among them that by Mahmood Ghanzi, the Mughal emperor Babar and then Mongol forces of Taimur Lung. But the deliberate slaughters of the Sikhs in 1746 is one that is gruesome in its details. Its ultimate consequence was that the Sikhs took over in 1765 and their rule was to last till 1849.

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