Pakistani Men Target Sikh Girls For Sexual Grooming at Nagar Kirtans

Sexual grooming of Sikhs girls at Nagar Kirtans by Pakistani Muslim men have been known to occur for over 30 years in the UK where the two communities live side by side. However, one incident at the Moghul Darbar Restaurant finally made the UK police take the issue seriously when several Sikhs went inside the restaurant to beat up the men who groomed a 15 year old Sikh girl.

A social media post today provided details on the incident the issue:

“Today marks five years since the Mughul Durbar restaurant in Leicester was raided by 40-50 men brandishing knives, poles, bricks and metal bars; an attack which sent shockwaves across the country and brought to light a much darker issue.

A room on the restaurant premises was used by a Pakistani grooming gang to prostitute and rape a vulnerable and damaged 15 year old Sikh girl. Other locations were also targeted on the same day and Evidence of the abuse was provided to the police and social services, however theysimply discarded it as a ‘cultural issue’ and refused to investigate. For a community who places a high emphasis on the respect and honour of women, this was not an acceptable response from the authorities.

Tensions boiled over and resulted in the Sikh community deciding to take justice into their own hands. Only after the attack were the authorities willing to investigate the abuse, motivated by fear of public exposure of their negligence and in an attempt to cover their own backs. 13 Sikh men were charged and convicted for the attack on the restaurant, and to rub salt in the wound, they received lengthier sentences then the grooming gang members received for their exploitation.

Fast forward five years and the abuse continues, Sikh girls continue to groomed, prostituted and raped in the back rooms of restaurants, take aways and shisha cafes up and down the UK. Local authorities are still reluctant to intervene in cases due to a fear of being perceived as racist or simply not understanding the complexity of the abuse.

It is imperative that the authorities take all sexual exploitation allegations seriously in order to avoid their mistakes with historic cases; otherwise many within the Sikh community will continue to believe that vigilantism is the only viable option to receive justice as reflected in the Mughul Durbar incident.”

BBC TV DOCUMENTARY on Pakistani men grooming Sikh girls

A TV documentary has exposed the grooming of Sikh children for sexual abuse by Muslim paedophile gangs.

An Inside Out London special, uncovers the hidden scandal of sexual grooming of young Sikh girls by Muslim men. Breaking their silence, they speak to Chris Rogers about their experiences at the hands of these predatory men and why justice is being denied to them by their own community and the police.

The sexual predator said they target Sikh girls because the girls are less likely to tell their parents and the parents won’t speak out even if they know.

The UK has a major problem with sexual grooming gangs who target Sikh girls by dressing up as Sikhs. The groomers target the girls at Nagar Kirtan events dressed up with a Kara and Patka and many foolish girls fall for their trap.

The predators make videos of the girl and force them into prostitution after threatening to release the video.

A young woman tells her story of how she was sexually groomed at a Nagar Kirtan event in the UK. A Muslim man dressed up to appear as a Sikh with a Kara and rumal fooling the girl into thinking he’s a Sikh.

The girl was then blackmailed into being a prostitute by the man. Grooming is a major issue in the UK involving Sikh girls who fall for the trap of Muslim men.

The Sikh Helpline issued the following statement on the issue:

“If anyone approaches you and you feel unsafe please tell someone. There are many organisations, sikh charities and the police at nagar kirtans. Stand up and shout. I’d you suspect anything had happened please contact the SHL”

The girls are than sent into prostitution and their lives get ruined. These incidents are countless and Sikh parents need to educate their daughters.

The Sikh Awareness Society (SAS) said that Sikh families often felt powerless to know how to deal with grooming. At any one time, the group is helping around 15 victims of grooming. More than half of the cases involves street grooming – where a victim is targeted by an organised gang.

Coordinator Jagjir Singh, 31, said: “Sikhs feel like it’s happening and they don’t have the resources to deal with it. Also, the police don’t have the resources to deal with it.”

The SAS identified street grooming as a particular issue within the Pakistani community.

Singh said: “When you are talking about street grooming all the crimes I’ve seen are involving one community. What is the reason for that? These questions needs to be thrown into the open: why are married men going off with a 15-year-old girl?

“When we are dealing with victims it’s important to ask why are they able to get close to a child? It is much easier for an Asian man to get a Sikh girl because they share some elements of culture like Bollywood. Also, there is the fact that we [Pakistanis and Sikhs] are congregated together in particular parts of the country.”

This is the BBC Documentary:

Here is the incident involving the 15 year old girl with CCTV footage:

News story on issue:

Thousands of girls have fallen prey to what’s being called grooming gangs. Sex traffickers and abusers, predominantly British Pakistanis, who target Sikh girls.

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