The girl in the picture is Geeta. 11 years ago she mistakenly crossed into Pakistani territory through the Punjab border.



The Punjab Rangers brought her to the Edhi Foundation. After spending some time at an Edhi Centre in Lahore, the girl was shifted to a Karachi shelter where Bilquis Edhi, a philanthropist known as ‘The Mother of Pakistan’, named her ‘Geeta’ and became quite attached to the girl. She was only 11 years old when she first met Abdul Sattar Edhi and Bilquis Edhi.

She suffers from hearing and speech impairment. Bilquis Edhi, after knowing that she was Hindu as she would touch her forehead with her hand as if she were placing a ’tilak’ along with performing ‘Aarti’, another ritual of worship under Hinduism, it became clear to Bilquis Edhi that she was a follower of Hinduism.

Therefore, she built her a temple on the third floor of the Edhi foundation building where she can practice her religion and since then, that one room temple has become her place of worship in a house where other members are Muslims. The temple is in a room in which no one – whether a family member or outsider – can enter without removing his/her shoes. Anyone violating the rule is reproached by the lady of the house, saying, “Mister, first remove your shoes! Or my daughter will take offense.”

Via: Humans of Pakistan


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