Pakistan Ruins 104 Acres of Guru Nanak’s Land With Mass Commercialization Plan Causing Disappointment

International Web News reports the work advance on the Kartarpur Sahib Corridor which shows Pakistan’s grand building plans have caused destruction of the pure land of Guru Nanak Dev Ji surrounding Sri Kartarpur Sahib Gurdwara.

An Organization related to the Kartarpur Sahib Gurdwara issued the following statement:

We are truly disillusioned to see that the expansion to the Darbar Sahib complex is arranged right where the fields having a place with Baba Nanak existed. We have requested the new development to be outside the fringe of the 104 sections of land and that the fields ought to be left as the legacy fields of Baba Nanak Ji to cultivating and plantations.

It is great to see the legacy well and mazaar and the present structure flawless.

[90% of Foundation Work has been Completed by 7 March 2019. work is in advancement day and night and is relied upon to be finished by Aug 2019. ]

Sign the petition to stop the commercialization: Kartarpur Sahib Construction Appeal

The organization further stated:

“Has our Ardas failed?

Watching this video is heartbreaking! All you see is the leveled off area ready to be constructed upon. Where are the fields of Guru Nanak? Where are the orchards and forests that were there in the previous pictures? How will this Kartarpur sustain the local flora and fauna native to the area that Guru Nanak talks about in Gurbani?

Do we really need a langar hall bigger than Nankana Sahib build on top of Guru Nanak’s fields? Do we need to provide stay for thousands of visitors right in the complex? Do we need to build a sarovar to bathe thousands? Where will the expansion end?

Why can’t they build new structures outside the fields of Guru Nanak? Were not the fields of Guru Nanak intended to feed the Sangat and the hungry? Are the future generations just going to go see another white marble building and a large sarovar in another country? Quite uninspiring!

This is NOT what the Diaspora Sikh sangat wants or desires. I am not sure what research the government functionaries and gurdwara committee completed to understand the wants and needs of the potential sangat that was going to visit. Why didn’t they engage archeology and heritage preservation to rebuild Kartpur as existed in Guru Nanak’s time?

What the Granthi suggests as disruptors are actually Guru Nanak lovers. They are in thousands calling out to preserve the essence of Guru Nanak that is being destroyed in front of their eyes in this development video. All you have to do is read the petition on which is nearing 20,000 signatures. It clearly articulates the desires of the Sikh sangat world over.

Well, If this continues, I will feel no need to visit Kartarpur Sahib. It is no different from any other Gurdwara in India. Teerath Yatra has no place in the Sikh tradition. I have the Guru Granth Sahib at home where I can pay obeisance. I would have brought my family to see the land of Guru Nanak as he may have envisioned and established it; to see the preservation of traditional artifacts and music as he may have experienced them; to meditate in the same forests that he may have walked in; to see his home (even if rebuilt per archeological research); to help farm and harvest langar from the lands that he farmed himself for eighteen long years; and most importantly, to feel the history come alive.

It looks like potential visitors are going to be walking on a concrete jungle with modern aesthetics. Shame on the people who decided for this plan and unfortunate for the Pakistan government not to understand the desires of its potential visitors.

Sikhs ask every day for the chance to visit, do seva, and take care of our gurdwaras and history from which we are separated. It seems like that this Granthi along with Sikh businessmen who want to profit from this sacred land and who also do this ardas everyday, are the reason it has failed…

Harpreet Kaur�Toronto, Canada”

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